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2006 31-1A All-District Football Teams
Sunday, December 24, 2006

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The 31-1A All-District high school football team, as voted by the coaches in the district, based on regular-season performance. Fifteen Shiner players were selected for the 2006 season. Players are listed in alphabetical order at each position.

  MVPs: Justin Buehring, sr., Falls City.

  MVP Offense: Kyle Condel, jr., Shiner & Cameron Wright, sr., Falls City.

  MVP Defense: Aubrey Lighteard, sr., Flatonia.

  Newcomer of the Year: Adrian Lighteard, so., Flatonia.

  Coaches of the Year: Steven Cerny, Shiner, Mark Kirchhoff, Falls City & Stephen Marbach, Pettus.


  Quarterback: Jake Stanley*, jr., Pettus; Jordan Williams*, so., Flatonia.

  Running Back: Dexter Mayberry*, sr., Shiner; Robert Hudson*, so., Pettus;
    Corey Stone*, sr., Falls City; Kyle Lawson*, so., Louise; Ronald Escamilla, sr., Woodsboro.

  Fullback: Jonathan Herber, sr., Falls City.

  Wide Receiver: Hunter Pinney*, jr., Flatonia; Israel Charles*, sr., Pettus; Tyler Beam*, sr., Falls City;
    Josh Nance, sr., Shiner.;

  Utility: Antwon Parson, jr., Louise.

  Tight End: Derick Richter*, sr., Shiner; Kyle Perna*, jr., Falls City.

  Center: Kody Selzer*, jr., Shiner; Clayton Camber, so., Falls City.

  Line: Telesforo Luna*, sr., Flatonia; Clay Herman, sr., Shiner;
    T.C. Amador, sr., Woodsboro; Wesley Braden, sr., Louise; Sam Parsons, sr., Falls City;
    John Kroll, sr., Falls City; Michael Noll, jr., Falls City; J. Briggs Hensley, jr., Pettus;
    Ronnie Beck, sr., Pettus; Jeff Matus, sr., Pettus.

  Kicker: Kyle Condel, jr., Shiner.


  Tackle: Michael Noll*, jr., Falls City; J. Briggs Hensley*, jr., Pettus;
    Chase Veit, sr., Shiner; Shaun Gorzell, sr., Falls City;
    Anthony Ramos, jr., Charlotte; Chris Carter, jr., Woodsboro.

  End: Mauro Torres*, jr., Pettus; Zack Osborne, sr., Flatonia; Hugh Schubert, sr., Woodsboro;
    Dalton Handley, so., Shiner; Kyle Perna, jr., Falls City.

  Utility: Cameron Wright*, sr., Falls City.

  Outside Linebacker: Ethan Darilek, jr., Shiner; John Kroll, sr., Falls City;
    Robert Hudson, so., Pettus; Isaac Beck, sr., Flatonia; Diego Esparza, sr., Woodsboro.

  Inside Linebacker: Sam Parsons*, sr., Falls City; Jeff Matus, sr., Pettus;
    Ronny Beck, sr., Pettus; Derick Richter, sr., Shiner.

  Secondary: Jake Stanley*, jr., Pettus; Israel Charles*, sr., Pettus; Hunter Pinney*, jr., Flatonia;
    Tyler Beam*, sr., Falls City; Raylee Urbanczyk*, jr., Falls City; Carlos Tijerina, sr., Charlotte;
    Brett Schubert, sr., Woodsboro; Cody Franke, jr., Shiner; Josh Nance, sr., Shiner.

  Punter: Kyle Condel, jr., Shiner.


  Quarterback: Clint Kutac, sr., Louise; Carlos Tijerina, sr., Charlotte; Brett Schubert, sr., Woodsboro.

  Running Back: Nick Barrera, jr., Louise; Armando Moreno, sr., Pettus;
    Diego Esparza, sr., Woodsboro; Kyle Johnson, so., Falls City.

  Fullback: Mauro Torres, jr., Pettus.

  Wide Receiver: Scott Kotara, sr., Falls City; Matt Parker, sr., Woodsboro;
    Matt Steele, jr., Pettus; Brandon Williams, jr., Flatonia.

  Tight End: Tony Cruces, sr., Pettus; Cody Tuttle, sr., Woodsboro.

  Center: John Burris, sr., Pettus; Bryce Mica, so., Flatonia.

  Line: Ryan Perez, sr., Flatonia; Aubrey Lighteard, sr., Flatonia; Jaime Cano, jr., Woodsboro;
    Chris Carter, jr., Woodsboro; Julian Longoria, jr., Shiner; Garrett Brown, jr., Louise;
    Anthony Ramos, jr., Charlotte; Chris Lyssy, so., Pettus.

  Kicker: Nick Barrera, jr., Louise; Isidro Aguillon, sr., Flatonia.


  Tackle: John Burris, sr., Pettus; Telesforo Luna, sr., Flatonia; Garrett Brown, sr., Flatonia;
    T.C. Amador, sr., Woodsboro; Zack Morkovsky, jr., Shiner; Antwon Parson, jr., Louise;
    Andrew Liska, so., Falls City.

  End: Ryan Perez, sr., Flatonia; Mark Casteel, sr., Shiner; Stephen Hubenak, sr., Louise;
    Adam Figorova, jr., Charlotte; Tony Cruces, sr., Pettus.

  Inside Linebacker: Breck Stuart, sr., Charlotte; Chris Migi, so., Flatonia;
    Thomas Villegas, sr., Woodsboro; Wesley Braden, sr., Louise.

  Outside Linebacker: Kyle Koudela, sr., Louise; Ryan Korzekwa, jr., Falls City;
    Marcus Capistran, so., Woodsboro; Ryan Lawrence, jr., Shiner.

  Secondary: Justin Duran, fr., Pettus; Isidro Aguillon, sr., Flatonia; Brandon Williams, jr., Flatonia;
    Matt Parker, sr., Woodsboro; Kevin Blaschke, sr., Shiner; Clint Kutac, sr., Louise;
    Cory Hajovsky, jr., Louise; Jeffrey Rodriguez, jr., Charlotte; Nick Barrera, jr., Louise.

  Punter: T.C. Amador, sr., Woodsboro.

  * = unanimous selection

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