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Trash talking in the cleanest little city in Texas
Comanches feel the heat from success by volleyball team

Thursday, November 27, 2008
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SHINER - Most girlfriends can hold forgetting an anniversary or even acknowledging a haircut over your head for weeks, if not months. In Shiner, Shelby Bernshausen has something even better on her boyfriend, Dalton Handley.

Bernshausen, a member of the Lady Comanches' volleyball team that made the Class 1A state tournament, isn't letting Handley forget about her team's success and how the Comanches football team still has work to do.

"She's been talking about how we get special treatment because we are football players even though we haven't made it to state like they did," said Handley of what he experiences while with his girlfriend. "It would definitely help me with trash talking with her if we keep winning."

The Shiner football team (9-1) can stop some of that talk with a Class 1A, Division I quarterfinal win over Junction on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Georgetown ISD Athletic Complex.

The volleyball team lost in the semifinals to eventual state champion Windthorst. With a win on Friday, the football team will be one win from a state championship appearance and would advance past the third round for the first time since winning the state championship in 2004.

Talk doesn't just stop with Handley and Bernshausen though. In the Hibbs and Kalich households, Matthew Hibbs and Adam Kalich can't escape the success their sisters experienced, and the expectations set for them.

"It's family thing that we all try to carry on in Shiner," said Kalich, who hears it from his sister, Caitlin, and also from his father, Rodney, who was part of the Shiner state baseball championship in 1981. "We are constantly motivated to out-do each other and keep the tradition going."

Hibbs, who is the starting quarterback, is constantly trying to avoid hits on the field, but can't get away from the smack talk no matter where he goes.

"I also have that with all the girls in our class to go along with what my sister keeps saying," said Hibbs whose sister Amanda is a junior on the volleyball team. "They all like to talk a lot. They seem to talk about how we haven't made it to state yet, so it's just extra motivation for us. They support us at the same time, but they do give us a hard time."

While the volleyball team holds the advantage over the football team right now, all it will take is two wins and the guys will be able to have one over the girls.

"We can still do something they weren't able to," Kalich said. "It would be a good bragging right that I would have over her if we can win state since they lost in the semifinals."

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